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Cacti Films is a film and digital media production company born in June 2006 in Dublin with the making of the short film ‘Cactus’, a sort of surreal manifesto of the group.

Cacti Films embraces different forms of visual representations with a special interest in observational and reportage documentaries with emphasis on topics of high social and
political relevance.

In 2008 it produced with the N.G.O. Children’s Relief Funds two short documentaries shot in the Philippines “The Cemetery People” and “Children of Manila”, winners of various international awards and distributed by Future Shorts.
The Egyptian "Al-Qarafa, the City of the Dead" was completed at the end of 2009 and it is currently travelling through festivals.
"Hitler's drug", the new shocking short documentary shot on the border between Cambodia and Thailand, has its world Premiere at the Galway Film Fleadh 2011.

On different levels, several nationalities are regularly involved in the Cacti Films productions highlighting a central element of the group: multiculturalism.
We strongly believe that it is just through the interaction between people, places and cultures that a Cacti Idea can be conceived and materialized in a documentary or a film.

Creative Director : Alessandro Molatore

Alessandro is an Italian filmmaker based between Mexico City and Dublin.
After concluding his film studies in Bologna, he leaves Italy to put into practice his passion and skills in Germany, California, Ireland and several other countries where he has worked on varied film projects.

Awards winning director and writer, Alessandro brings over ten years experience in editing and photography to Cacti Films, which he applies to the production and development of provocative and original films.

As traveling and the exploration of the world’s diversities are important components of his life, the documentary is one of his preferred forms of expression.





Cacti Films

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